Is your putter a perfect fit?

If you want your putter to perform, then fitting is important

Does your putter fit you?  Only 5 percent of people fit into the standard putter that you can purchase in a golf store or golf shop. It’s like a shoe store only offering size 9 shoes. If you want a putter to feel comfortable and perform consistently, a fitting is required.

The fitting objectives are to find the correct head design, length, loft, lie, toe hang, weight and grip specifications that will allow the golfer to putt their best. To find these specifications, it takes an experienced golf professional, state-of-the-art technology and an inventory of putters. Another important ingredient is what looks, feels and sounds good to the golfer. Here at the Ironworks Golf Academy, our goal is to improve five factors of putting:

  1. Finding the putting line
  2. Aiming your putter correctly
  3. Starting the ball on your line
  4. Controlling the speed
  5. Developing a sound mental game that allows you to feel confident and perform at your best every time

A fitted putter will improve every factor except reading the green. For more information on the importance of a custom fit putter, check out the video below:

Check out this video:

About Our Director Instructor: Travis Becker

Travis is the Director of Instruction and Club Fitting for the Ironworks Golf Academy located in Beloit, Wisconsin. In 2015, the Wisconsin PGA voted Travis the Teacher of the Year, and he was rated by his peers as one of Golf Digest’s “Best Teachers” in the state of Wisconsin. In 2016, Travis was also selected by the Golf Channel Academy to become the only lead coach in the state of Wisconsin. In addition, Travis has been recognized by Titleist as a Top 100 club fitter.

For more information, contact Travis Becker, PGA Director of Instruction, Ironworks Golf Academy 608.473.0095  |