Bettinardi Putters

Bettinardi’s 2012 BB Series includes six models, all plated with a luxurious Silver Mercury finish that guarantees the highest level of durability. Each model in the series has three degrees of loft, with a seventy-one degree lie angle. In addition, each putter is milled with a single sightline to aid with alignment. All non-belly models come in either a 340 gram or 355 gram head weight. Every BB Series putter comes with a red WINN AVS Bettinardi grip and a matching head cover with Bettinardi’s patented neoprene closure design. The BB Series includes:

The BB1F is a classic heel-toe design with a flow neck. This model has an elegant profile with a double bend round hosel. The BB5 is a popular blade style putter with a tampered flange to incorporate a strong toe weighting. The BB8 model has a two-tiered heel and weighted cavity back design that has been squared off for a sharp look combined with a plumber’s neck. The BB35 is a face balanced, center shafted, semi- mallet model that resembles a “boxcar” and gives a strong profile at address. Like the BB1F, BB5 and BB8 models, the BB35 has our patented Honeycomb™ face to ensure the flattest surface possible.

Bettinardi’s BB53 belly putter was designed using our very successful Half Moon Cutout feature, which allows the maximum perimeter weighting for ultimate playability. The BB53 has a head weight of 395 grams, is offered in both heel and center shafted models, and it comes with a 21” WINN AVS grip.

The BB1F, BB5, BB8 and BB35 Bettinardi putters are all priced at $280. The price of the BB53 Bettinardi belly putter is $325. For more information, please visit