Fully Loaded

After a record-breaking 2020 season, the golf equipment industry is back with some swagger to its swag. Here’s a look at some of the best gear of the year.

CNCPT Irons by Titleist 

The mission given Titleist Golf Club’s R&D team was to discover the “most satisfying ball striking experience imaginable.” Given the freedom to pursue manufacturing and material technologies never before employed in golf – regardless of cost – engineers created a new series of CNCPT by Titleist Irons to deliver unmatched performance. CNCPT irons are built from “exotic high-performance materials” that can take up to eight months to source but the result is a club that generates maximum ball speed with unparalleled forgiveness. ($500/club. titleist.com) 

GolfLogix Green Books 

It’s like having a caddie in your pocket. Green Books by GolfLogix are pocket-sized yardage guides that use the same mapping technology found in GolfLogix apps. The books turn green-contour data into illustrated maps to give everyday players the same information that benefits professional players. The heat map view shows precise green slopes to indicate where approach shots should land, while the hole view gives the best target from the tee to set up accurate approaches. Includes over 14,000 precisely mapped courses. ($40 each. golflogix.com) 

Best Shot Golf Target Pro 

Practice might be boring for some but it’s the price you pay for getting better. The Best Shot Golf Target Pro chipping net lets you work on that essential short game, inside or out, and comes with a large hitting area and target sheet. The net is simple to assemble and makes for the perfect place to hone those short shots with foam or wiffle balls. 

Get better inside over winter and take that new game to the course in spring. 

($55.97. bestshotgolf.co) 

Galway Bay Weatherproof Apparel 

You might not be heading to Galway for golf anytime soon, but it’s never too soon to prepare for the heavy stuff. Galway Bay all-weather rainwear has won “best rain gear” awards two years running for its lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow wearers to enjoy maximum flexibility while still staying warm and dry.

Its Hydro-Flex 32 fabric is breathable yet blocks rain and wind without adding bulky layers. Available in jackets and pants in multiple colors, with rubberized waterproof zippers. Pants have belt loops and optional lining and are designed to resemble golf slacks to eliminate layering. (galwaybaygolf.com) 

Big Bertha B21 Driver 

Big Bertha is back, and she’s here to help. Thirty years ago innovative club maker Ely Callaway unleashed the first Big Bertha driver, the first of many oversized drivers to follow. Now Callaway has revived what might be the best name ever for a bashing club with the Big Bertha B21 driver, designed not just for distance but even more for helping high-handicap players hit fewer bad shots. The B21 positions the center of gravity low and forward to reduce spin, thus reducing the sidespin that causes bad shots to become worse shots. ($499. callawaygolf.com) 

On Point Markers 

What’s my line? It’s every putter’s question, and why many golfers and golf ball manufacturers began using guiding lines to improve putting. On Point goes one step further, adding a line to the marker you place behind the ball to further reduce the chances of lining up inaccurately. And if one line is helpful, how about three? On Point claims Triple Track alignment has been proven to improve putting by 12 percent. ($19.95. onpointgolf.us) 

GPS Audible Golf Range Finder 

If you’re OK playing with voices in your head, here’s just the ticket. The GPS Audible Golf Range Finder is a GPS device that clips to your visor or collar and announces the exact distance from your ball to the center of the green. No more trying to steady a shaky hand to zero in a laser, no more wearing a second wrist watch to get an accurate yardage. Just tap, listen and swing with confidence. Compatible with iPhone or Android devices.
($89.99. sharperimage.com) 

Superstar Golf Shoes 

Could a golf shoe that resembles an old-fashioned sneaker make you a superstar? The Superstar spiked shoe from adidas will at least let you feel that way. The shoe combines a leather upper with a rubber shell toe for a soft feel and 3-stripes golf spikes for maximum grip. White with black stripes — it’s a classic look for a classic game. ($130. adidas.com) 

Claw Pro Golf Glove 

The original Claw golf glove won lots of raves for its durability and for the mesh fabric construction that meant maximum breathability and air-cooled comfort. Now the Claw Pro golf glove combines those features with improvements aimed at lower handicap golfers including added stability on the top hand and grip on the index finger and thumb. The Pro enhances club control, especially for those with higher swing speeds or who like a tighter fit. All that, and still with great comfort. 

($24.99. caddydaddygolf.com) 

Ladies LDX Plus Cart Bags 

Carry your clubs in style. These newly designed LDX Plus Ladies Cart Bags from Burton Golf were designed in collaboration with Southwind Apparel and come in five vibrant printed patterns. The bags feature a 14-way organizer top with full dividers and a rubberized putter well, plus seven pockets that include a fleece-lined valuables pocket, two garment pockets and an insulated cooler. Matching LDX umbrellas are available on select models. ($219.95. burtongolf.com)