One-Putt Wedge

Are you a golf purist?

If you use a 460 cc driver, a mallet putter or a hybrid iron, then chances are you’re not a golf purist. So why ignore the latest innovation in the golf wedge?

Introducing the most important innovation since the metal wood.

oneputtwedgeThe key to lowering your score is the short game. Sixty percent of the strokes are within 60 yards.

No need to learn to hit 2 or more wedges because the One Putt Wedge can be used from the fairway, rough and sand. The patented hosel places your hands in the proper position to strike the ball with a descending blow and the revolutionary sole eliminates the dreaded chunk or thin shot.

You will score lower and be more confident in your short game with Herbie’s One Putt Wedge. Guaranteed.

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