How Well Do You Know the 2019 Rules of Golf?

1. You hit your tee shot into the rough and find it after searching for three-and- a-half minutes. What is the ruling?

A: Play it!
B: The ball is lost, and you must play another ball from the teeing area.

Answer: b

2. You hit a long putt up close to the hole but, because you would have to stand in another player’s line to tap in, you decide to mark and lift the ball. You replace the ball, leave the ball-marker in place, tap in and pick up both the holed ball and the ball-marker in one move. What is the ruling?

A: No penalty.
B: One-stroke penalty.

3. Your ball is in a bunker. You play it but barely advance the ball, leaving it in the bunker and in a terrible lie in the sand underneath the lip. If you take unplayable ball relief, are you allowed to drop outside the bunker?

A:  No. You lost that opportunity once you made that first stroke in the bunker.

B:  Yes, for one penalty stroke.

C:  Yes, for two penalty strokes.

Answer: c

4. Your ball is in a red penalty area. You take several practice swings, touching the ground each time, and then remove a leaf next to your ball (but also within the penalty area). What is the ruling in stroke play?

A: No penalty.
B: Two penalty strokes.

C: Four penalty strokes.

Answer: a

5. In playing a ball from the trees after a wayward tee shot, your ball strikes a tree and then strikes you in the leg. What is the ruling?

A:  No penalty but you have to replay the stroke.

B:  No penalty and play the ball as it lies.

C:  A One-stroke penalty and play the ball as it lies.

D:  A two-stroke penalty and play the ball as it lies.

Answer: b

6. Your ball lies under a tree. You approach the ball from behind so that a large branch will be moved out the way and no longer interfere with your back- swing. Before you play, another player questions whether you are allowed to take your stance in that manner, so you back away. The tree branch returns to its original position, and you take your stance from another direction that does not disturb the branch. You play the ball. What is the ruling in stroke play?

A: No penalty.
B: Two-stroke penalty.

Answer: a

John Morrissett is Competitions Director at Erin Hills and former Director of Rules of Golf for the USGA.