All Geared Up

Whatever you’re in the market for this season, you’ll find some of the year’s best golf gear right here

The new Great Big Bertha.

Callaway Great Big Bertha
Gaining more club head speed can be difficult for the average golfer, so why not get help from an old friend. Not your old Big Bertha driver in the basement, but the new Great Big Bertha line from Callaway. Despite the heavy-sounding name, the new Bertha was designed in an ultra-lightweight style to help the non-elite player achieve greater swing speed and more distance. The use of space-age lightweight components gives the Great Big Bertha driver a 56% reduction in the weight of the shaft and grip alone. Also available in fairway woods and hybrids. $699 driver.

The unmistakable Callaway Triple Track.

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track
Remember when a line on your golf ball to help with putting was considered revolutionary? Well, Callaway’s Chrome Soft Triple Track line will have you singing “Viva la revolution!” throughout your round. Designed to offer golfers of all abilities greater distance with a soft feel, the ball’s three aiming lines will take the doubt out of lining up putts. That sales of these balls with alternating red and blue lines have more than doubled since 2020 suggests that golfers approve of the help. Available in white or yellow. $49.99.

The Edison forged wedges.

Edison Forged Wedges
Terry Koehler, CEO of Texas-based Edison Forged Wedges, says his review of more than 50,000 statistical analyses completed by golfers over the years show 80% miss their wedge shots short, fly them too high and don’t get the desired spin. That’s because, he said, most golfers are using wedges designed for elite professional players – and most golfers are far from elite professionals. Edison Forged Wedges (“It’s a wedge for the rest of us,” Koehler says.) were designed to put 25% more mass behind the usual impact area, resulting in greater distance control, increased spin and a more forgiving club than the wedges in most complete sets. In steel or graphite and they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. $189.95-$204.95.

The Ping ChipR.

Ping ChipR
Getting up and down from anywhere around the green can be a challenge, so why not simplify the task with Ping’s new ChipR? Is it a wedge? Is it a putter? More like everything in between. Designed for the golfer who may not always feel confident using more lofted clubs, the ChipR (38.5 degrees) can be used to get onto the green from the rough or the fringe. Just strike it like you would a putt and the club will get the ball airborne and rolling and eliminate that fear of chunking or blading. The head is perimeter weighted for forgiveness and the shallow face height helps ensure reliable contact. $195.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor.

Want to turn that phone in your pocket into a swing coach instead? For about the price of a high-end driver the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor will give golfers the information they need to improve faster and play better. Turn your driving range into a swing lab with the MLM, which has won new product awards for pairing Doppler radar technology with your iPhone or iPad camera to provide instant video replay, shot tracer and accurate readings on distance, club speed, ball speed, launch angle and lots more. Includes monitor, carry case, connection cable and user guide. $599.

Peter Millar Jameson Hoodie

The Jameson hoodie.

Not every round of golf is played under sun-kissed fairways and calm breezes. The Jameson Popover Hooded Jacket by Peter Millar offers a perfect combination of warmth, comfort, style and performance for women. Designed for maximum flexibility with four-way stretch, the 80% polyester, 20% spandex material naturally adapts to any condition — keep- ing wind away when you are idle but opening up for maximum airflow when in motion. It features a fitted design and curved hem for a sleek look. It is wind and water resistant and machine washable. $178.



Bag Boy T-750

Bag Boy T-750

Golfers are traveling again, and if you are one of those on-the-road players you’ll want a travel cover that protects your equipment against the rigors of planes, trains or automobiles. The Bag Boy T-750 offers thick four-sided padded top with high density foam for maximum protection. It also features deluxe in-line skate wheels to easily roll to and through airports or hotels and lockable, full wrap-around zipper to provide access and ease of packing. And don’t forget the large show/ garment pocket for your other gear. $149.


Titelist TSr Series Drivers (above)
Hot off the presses after its launch late last year, the Titleist TSr series of drivers is sleek, sexy, and serious about giving you more distance and forgiveness. The new lineup comes in three flavors, r2 (most forgiving), r3 (designed for lower handicaps) and r4 (low spin). All of them have aerospace-grade titanium and Titleist’s trademark “Speed Ring” variable face thickness to make its sweet spot all the sweeter. $599.

SkyCaddie LX2

SkyCaddie LX2
Tired of tromping around fairways searching for sprinkler heads or those elusive red and blue discs to gauge your distance to the target? As the noted golf teacher Henry David Thoreau would remind us, “Simplify, simplify.” The SkyCaddie LX2 is an easy- to-use tool to find accurate distances in no time at all. Easily readable in even the brightest sunshine, the super lightweight wristwatch caddy comes fully loaded with 35,000 ground-verified maps. Features include auto-course recognition and auto-hole advance, digital scorecard and stats and 10 alarm settings. Its step counter will tell you how far you walked and pace-of-play timer will keep you on schedule. $199.95.

ROLL Recovery’s R4 Body Roller
Golf is hardly a contact sport but there are days where a hilly, 18-hole walk can leave you tired, sore and wishing for help. ROLL Recovery’s R4 Body Roller is a foam roller that will allow you to release muscle tension and soreness through simple massage. The durable foam roller can be used to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and provide a healthy range of motion and flexibility. It features a spine and neck alignment center groove and diamond pattern for better grip. $59.99.

Skechers GO GOLF Skech-Air

Skechers GO GOLF Skech-Air
Whether you walk the whole course or merely the distance from your cart to the green, your feet want to be comfortable. Skechers has a full line of comfortable golf footwear and some, like the Skechers GO GOLF Skech-Air – Dos, promise air-cushioned comfort. The shoes also offer a water-repellent leather upper along with an air-cushioned midsole, memory foam insole and spikeless traction outsole. The relaxed-fit design provides plenty of toe and forefoot room. $95.