Electric Golf Caddy

Are you one of those golfers who finally wants to enjoy the true nature and beauty of a golf course while getting some physical exercise at the same time by walking the course? Or if you are getting tired of wast- ing money on renting riding carts, carrying your heavy golf bag or straining your shoulders, back and arms by pushing or pulling a flimsy cart, the Bat-Caddy electric motorized golf push cart is the perfect solution.


Bat-Caddy is the North American industry leader and offers a well-designed and high-quality series of electric motorized push golf carts. Bat-Caddy carts are available as either manually- or fully-remote controlled units. Bestsellers are the fully remote controlled X3R and X4R which is now also available with a super light lithium-ion battery. There are also the manually-controlled X2 Pro, X3 and X4 models, also available with lithium-ion batteries. The lightweight, state-of-the-art Bat-Caddy carts will provide the ultimate tour professional golfer’s experience – walking the course while a “robotic” caddy carries your bag. Save your energy for the game. 888-669-6740 or