Get ‘Fit’ – Your Golf Game Depends On It

There is another kind of “fit” that makes a serious impact on a player’s success: the fit of your equipment

We all know staying fit and being active is key to a healthy lifestyle, on and off the course. But when it comes to golf, there is another kind of “fit” that makes a serious impact on a player’s success: the fit of your equipment.

Ironworks Golf Academy helps develop players and assists them in playing their best golf. One key factor to this success is making sure their clubs are fitted correctly.

Ill-fitting clubs may not be the only reason players aren’t reaching their true potential, but custom-fit clubs can and will remedy many of the common misses golfers experience during their game. With the proper fitting, players will hit the ball straighter and farther with improved consistency.

The way we see it, club fitting starts with a solid partnership between the player and the fitter, much like the dynamic between doctor and patient. Certified club fitters, like those at Ironworks Golf Academy, offer a high level of service to golfers, combining a wide selection of fitting tools with state-of-the-art technologies for the most in-depth fitting experience.

To optimize the health of each player’s golf game, the fitter must first assess their strengths, weaknesses, history and goals. Instead of taking a player’s blood pressure or checking their heart rate, a fitting looks at club and ball speeds, launch angles, descent angles and spin rates.

A club fitter will also analyze current swing DNA characteristics such as club path, club face, attack and contact patterns. The player is responsible to make decisions on what looks, feels, and sounds good, while the fitter focuses on optimizing ball flights.

Fitting for a single club takes about one hour, where a fitting for the player who wants all new clubs can expect to take 4-5 hours incorporating the fitting elements of the driver, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter.

Experience the positive and long-term benefits of equipment that’s custom fit to you and your game.

Travis Becker was awarded 2021 Teacher of the Year by the Wisconsin PGA. The Iron- works Golf Academy has been recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 100 club fitter for 2021- 2022. To learn more about Ironworks Golf Academy fitting philosophies please visit their website at