Impact: ‘The Moment of Truth’

Instructor’s Corner – Impact: ‘The Moment of Truth’

One of the greatest feelings for golfers is a crisp, solid shot. This millisecond experience is the moment of truth when the clubface impacts the golf ball and sends it to its destination. Here are four keys to help you produce a consistent impact position that produces solid shots:

1) Make sure you have an athletic setup with your posture, grip, aim, alignment and ball position. The best way to work on your set- up is by using a mirror. Check your spine tilt, grip, ball position, and body alignment. Remember, your setup is a sample preview of your impact position. Poor setup equals poor or inconsistent impact positions.

2) Feel a correct impact position by using an impact bag or pillow. Without moving the club on the backswing go directly to this position at impact. Tilt the handle of the club just outside your lead hip, creating a slight bow in your lead wrist. Make sure the lead- ing edge of the clubface stays perpendicular to your target line. Next, open your hips to- wards the target about 45 degrees and feel about 70-80% pressure on your lead foot, making sure you keep your shoulders and chest square to the target line with your head slightly behind the clubhead. You have now put yourself into a great impact position. Repeat this drill over and over to build the correct feel.

3) Slow motion movements are a great way to train a new swing improvement. A great drill to work on impact using slow motion movements is called the drag drill. Use a 7- or 8-iron, set up at address and move the club backwards just past your trail foot, keeping the sole of the club on the ground. Then drag your way through the impact zone, focusing on keeping the handle in front of the club head and transferring your weight to your lead leg. Repeat this drill seven times in slow motion without a golf ball.

4) Lastly, you can implement a golf ball using small swings (hip to hip) to continue to build a good impact position. When you can strike three solid shots in a row, make your swing slightly longer and faster. Keep repeating this process until you have worked all the way up to your normal swing length and speed.

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