Getting Started in Golf

Here are my top tips if you (or someone you know) want to get started in the game of golf:

Getting into golf can be a hard start for many. Hitting the golf ball may look simple, but once you step up to that dimpled ball, it can be a love and hate relationship from that first swing. There is so much to know when learning the game of golf, including rules, proper etiquette, dress code, stroke play, penalties, proper warm-up — not to mention everyone’s swing advice; keep your head down, keep your arm straight, slow down, keep your eye on the ball … The list is endless.

So where do you start?

Here are my top tips if you (or someone you know) want to get started in the game of golf:

Find a friend — Golf isn’t the easiest sport to learn, but if you have a friend that plays golf, they can help get you started and may even have a few clubs for you to practice with.

Invest in the tools — Start with a beginner’s “complete” set of clubs. Once you can make good contact and have developed a common ball flight, you may want to consider being fitted into a new set to take your game to the next level.

Search for a local LPGA or PGA Professional in your area with programs for beginners. Start with the fundamentals — “GPA.” Grip: Get a grip and understand which of the three grips suits your game best. Posture: Building a good posture and a solid set up position is key to avoiding common swing issues in playing golf and staying consistent. Lastly, alignment: Almost all swing issues are a result of poor alignment, understanding alignment is key in your golf journey.

Practice — Whether it’s at the range or Topgolf, spending time with your new swing is key. Once you’re comfortable challenge yourself to a par-3 course.

Understanding the game — Whether it’s learning the terminology, rules, or etiquette, watching golf on TV or in movies will elevate your golf knowledge.

Laugh off the bad shots — Golf is not a game of perfection. You will have bad shots and great shots. Therefore, don’t worry about what others are thinking. Lastly, it’s just a game, so have fun!

Pamela Saladino joined the Beloit Club in 2017 and now serves as the lead instructor for Ironworks Golf Academy. She is the driving force behind IGA’s popular Women’s Golf Academies, which are designed for women of all playing abilities and helps students improve all areas of the game. Pamela was voted Top 50 coach in the world by U.S. Kids Golf in 2020 and 2022. She is the site director for the popular LPGA Girls Golf of Beloit Academy. Her passion for growing women in the game of golf is unmatched, and she is a strong mentor to any golfer looking to learn the game of golf or take their game to the next level. She is U.S. Kids certified and a certified club fitter with Titleist, Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Mizuno.