How to Prepare Your Body for Golf

Get Your Game Ready to Roll

Golf has become an athletic sport and golfers are seeing the benefits to spending some time in the gym. Tiger Woods started a fitness trend with golfers in the late ’90s that changed the golfers’ landscape forever.

The staff of PGA Instructors and TPI Certified Trainers at Elevation Sports Performance works together with clients to maximize golfer’s abilities.

“The body-swing connection is the main focus of our training,” explained Mike Mandakas, PGA professional and owner of Elevation Sports Performance, one of the premier training facilities in the Midwest. “We give lessons to the clients that are just looking for a tune-up with their golf swing, and we train golfers that are just looking to hit the ball further, too.”

The clients that are the most successful, Mandakas says, are those that work on both. “The success we have with our clients is

training them how to improve their game during two different points: when they have a club in their hands, and when they don’t,” Mandakas explained. 

“Teaching a golfer how to swing a club and training a golfer how to use their body more efficiently are the two main focuses of our training.”

Biomechanics of the golf swing are based on three key aspects of training: balance, flexibility, and power. After they evaluate the golfer to identify strengths and weaknesses, the Elevation team puts together a training program individualized for the client. These programs are designed for golfers in the offseason, in season, and before their round.

“Most golfers don’t know how to warm up properly before a round of golf, either,” Mandakas said. “They think grabbing a club and doing some stretches will do the trick. That’s better than nothing, but there are many things you can do before you go to the course to prepare your body for four to five hours on the course. We train our players to be able to do a workout before the round and be able to make it through a full 18 holes of golf without fatigue.”

For that reason, they focus on endurance as a key component to their training, Mandakas said.

Whether you are a beginner or play high-level competitive golf, Elevation Sports Performance has a program designed for you to help your game.

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