Seeing Isn’t Always Believing

Perception isn’t always reality, especially when it comes to putting problems.

Do you consistently leave your putts too short or too long? Do you ever feel certain that your targets are closer or farther than they actually are? This very issue is currently being studied on many of the top PGA Tour players. Identifying a “visual convergence insufficiency” (focusing problems), or a problem with depth perception, can be an important piece of the performance puzzle.

One simple depth perception test is called the Brock String Test. All you need is a 3-foot-long string and a bead. Attach one end of the string to something. Hold the other end of the string to your nose and focus on the bead. You should see two strings converging toward the bead. Do the two strings meet right on, before or after the bead? Right on the bead: depth perception is fine. Before the bead: things appear closer than they are to you. After the bead: things appear farther than they are to you.

It is difficult to actually change your depth perception, but it is easier to compensate for it. For example, if you have discovered that you see objects closer than they actually are, simply practice hitting your putts farther than you think you need to make them. Small changes in your putting can make big changes in your scoring.

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